5 Bankroll Management Tips for Casino Success

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Brian holds cash in the high limit room

When it comes to casino visits, bankroll management can be one of the most important aspects of a casino visit. Without a plan, it can be easy to lose track of things and spend more than you planned, or worse, potentially chase losses without a cutoff point.

Casinos are meant to be for entertainment, but because there’s real money involved, it can be an emotional scenario at times. So, we’ve compiled 5 bankroll management tips to help you set healthy habits that can ensure the trip remains a fun experience, regardless of the outcome of the visit.

1. Set a Limit Before Leaving Home (and Bring Cash)

The first step is to figure out what your limit is for the visit. We’re not fans of open-ended ATM runs and other steps that can make it easier to lose track of how much is being spent on a trip.

Instead, look at what makes sense for your entertainment budget, and make a decision to cut yourself off for the day if that money is exhausted. Even better, take the money out of your local bank in advance, which not only lets you save a few dollars on the way out to the casino, but also reduce the temptation of hitting the ATM for more money.

2. Set a Limit Per Machine

When you sit down at a machine, decide how much you’re going to give it, and put that into the machine. If you play through that money and it’s exhausted, you can then contemplate if you want to give it more or if you want to move on. In this way you can decide whether you’re feeling the game, or want to spread the wealth around.

This process can be important if a game provides a frustrating session, as it can make it easier to make the decision to get up and try something else, or perhaps take a break.

3. Put a Time Limit on the Visit

All casino games are designed to make money for the casino. The longer you’re there, the more likely they’re going to get the upper hand, even if you’ve been up for hours.

That’s why setting a time limit is a good bankroll management approach – it can ensure a better chance of leaving with some money, vs. playing until you run out, which many times players can find themselves doing.

4. Only Put Cash Into a Machine

One bankroll tip that we really love that we’ve learned from some players is limiting what goes into a machine to cash. It’s easy to put a big ticket you racked up on one machine, insert it into another, and play beyond your originally intended stop point.

Instead, putting some set amount of money in a machine requires another moment to think about whether you want to keep playing if that money is exhausted. It encourages a healthier approach by creating more decision points.

5. Set Aside Winnings

If you do get ahead, it can be an easy process to burn through the winnings and your bankroll. So, setting aside winnings to be earmarked to go home is a good technique for ensuring you leave with some money.

If you’re worried your discipline won’t hold out, a tool many gamblers enjoy is something called a Winners Bank – you can put cash into the device, which can’t be unlocked until you’re reunited with the key, hopefully at home. With this tool you can ensure you leave with money when you get some winnings on the board.

Share Your Bankroll Management Tips

Are there specific steps you take to protect your bankroll? Share them with us in the comments!

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9 Replies to “5 Bankroll Management Tips for Casino Success”

  • Mark says:

    Hi Brian. Great article. I usually have a difficult time keeping my handpays. The best option that has worked for me on handpays is to ask the slot attendant to give me a check instead of cash. Sometimes I forget to ask for a check and the cash disappears.

  • Jerry Collins says:

    We keep our bankroll at home. Remove what our budget dictates, cash. When we have played enough (usually 1.5-2hrs) we cash out, go home and put our winnings (or what we didn’t lose) back into the bankroll.
    It’s been as high as few mortgage payments and as low as ” after this …”
    Haven’t had to go into “our” money in many years.

    • FlipTheSwitch.com says:

      This is a nice variation on the “don’t hit the ATM at the casino” method – you’re managing the budget right at home! We also appreciate the stick to budget approach. Thanks for sharing this, Jerry!

  • Rae says:

    Hey Brian,
    Thanks for your tips! I also, tell everyone who questions me that Casinos are for entertainment, however, your tips are a great way to keep it that way.
    Do you have any advice on how often you should go and how to narrow down which ones to go to because it is hard to get to the card with the most benefits? Thanks again enjoy watching you play! Look forward to seeing you on the cruise on January 29, 2024

    • FlipTheSwitch.com says:

      We don’t have specific advice on how often you should go, except of course keeping in mind the more frequently you go, the more likely you’re spreading your budget thinner, and the casino knows you’re coming a lot, so it can have an impact on offers. Going less often, and pooling your budget to be bigger, can yield some nice offers once the casino adapts to this pattern!

  • jacs says:

    did not know you could get a check

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