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Available in the US (except Washington State, Michigan and Montana) and Canada (except Quebec). Idaho is available for Gold Coin play only. Available on iOS, Android, and Desktop - no app required. For complete rules and regulations, kindly visit Chumba Casino's terms of service.

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The Basics

Chumba Casino is one of the largest and arguably the best social casino out there, with many years of availability to players and a growing library of content to play. Their longstanding existence and reputation means that players can more reliably know what to expect when playing, not a bad thing at all! Brian Christopher has been playing Chumba Casino for years, and it is one of his favorite places to play.

  • Two ways to play, totally free, including one way that offers an opportunity to redeem for real cash prizes and gift cards!
  • Broad game selection with a variety of game types and volatility
  • Ability to claim free coins daily, and plenty of opportunities for the chance to win more coins
  • Wide variety of play levels – play at a comfortable level that also can ensure your coins last
  • Available in the United States and Canada (except Washington State, Michigan, Montana and Quebec; Idaho available for Gold Coin play only).
  • Verification process can be a bit confusing for some, although a one-time process
  • Higher cash prize minimum redemption level than sister sites LuckyLand Slots and Global Poker

Game Selection

Chumba Casino games

Chumba Casino adds games at a pretty rapid pace; generally one game a week is added, although on occasion they’ll release multiple games at once. The more than 150 games featured in Chumba are a mix of in-house developed games as well as games from popular third party providers such as Pragmatic Play, ReelPlay, Slingo and Playtech. 

As a result, you’ll find a mix of games you’ll only find on Chumba Casino, such as the sole online home of Brian Christopher’s Pop’N Pays More™, as well as games you may find elsewhere but in some cases carry an extreme level of popularity. Examples of this include ReelPlay’s Hypernova and Pragmatic Play’s Sugar Rush.

Two Ways to Play

The beauty of a social casino structure like Chumba Casino is that it’s free to play, without the requirement of a purchase at all. Every day when you log in you’re given free coins, and there are opportunities to receive more free coins through various contests, such as on Facebook, newsletter competitions, and even through bi-weekly scratchers on the Brian Christopher Online YouTube channel.

There are two ways to play on Chumba Casino – both ways can be played using the free coins offered by Chumba Casino through its various promotions. Gold Coins are the traditional social casino coins, free to earn and free to play. If you run out, however, and wish to play more, there is a gold coin store where you can buy additional gold coins. You are not required to make purchases, however, and is totally up to you as a player.

Chumba Casino also offers something called Sweeps Coins. With Sweeps Coins you’re now participating in a sweepstakes model where if you win with those coins, you can redeem for cash prizes and gift cards. You cannot buy Sweeps Coins, but along with the various giveaway scenarios mentioned above, on Gold Coin Offers you can often receive free Sweeps Coins, allowing you the opportunity to play and try to redeem cash prizes

Chumba Casino is available in the United States and Canada (excluding Washington State, Michigan, Montana and Quebec; Idaho available for Gold Coin play only).

Variety of Prizes

If you win while playing with your Sweeps Coins, you have the opportunity to redeem for cash prizes and gift cards. The redemption rate is easy to follow, as 1 Sweeps Coin redeems for $1 US in cash prizes and gift cards

The cash prizes redemption option has a higher threshold than redeeming for a gift card. You need at least 100 Sweeps Coins to be able to redeem for a cash prize, and certain states have daily redemption limits, so it is important to read the terms to know based on your location what is available to you as a player.

The gift card redemption option gives you access to a wide variety of options, mostly nationwide businesses like Starbucks, Dominos and Red Lobster. The options change periodically and redemption is managed through reputable gift card provider Prizeout.

Player Testimonials

Getting Started with Chumba Casino

If you’ve never played Chumba Casino before, it’s easy to get started. Simply visit Chumba Casino to sign up. As a thank you for registering, you’ll receive 2,000,000 free Gold Coins as well as 2 free Sweeps Coins. You also receive a discount on your first Gold Coins purchase – Get 10,000,000 Gold Coins for $10 (usually $30) and you’ll also receive 30 free Sweeps Coins.

Click here to get started today!

Watch Brian Christopher Play Chumba Casino

Brian’s second channel, Brian Christopher Online, features Chumba Casino videos regularly, and has a monthly scratcher the first Monday of every month where viewers can have a chance to win free Sweeps Coins! Weekly free Sweeps Coins drawings also take place in Brian’s Chumba community page.

Here are a couple of Brian’s biggest wins on Chumba Casino.

YouTube player

In this video Brian wins a grand jackpot by filling all the spaces on the screen for over 200,000 Sweeps Coins, which can be redeemed for over $200,000 in cash prizes.

YouTube player

Here’s another video where Brian achieved an amazing outcome, this time on Lucky Wheel. Minor x5 at his play level yielded a 250,000 Sweeps Coins win!

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