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Group slot pull at MGM Grand Detroit

I suppose I always just assumed people would figure it out by watching the videos, but turns out this is a very popular question to ask. How do Group Slot Pulls work? I’m hoping this will answer all questions I’ve seen in the comments of my past videos.

First off, I have to get permission from a casino to be able to record there. Some casinos have open filming policies, so they reap the benefits of my attendance.

Basic rules are simple:

  1. You must be of legal age to play.
  2. There is no cost to join for Rudies Members, however I have instituted a fee for non-members to deter people from signing up and then cancelling last second. It’s always a shame when I have to turn away dozens of people to then find out I would have had room for them. I always get 10% who drop out the day before and another 10% who just don’t show up. So I try to offer more tickets to compensate, but if everyone does show up (which has happened), there are too many of us!
  3. Everyone puts in the exact same money, myself included! This means that on days when I’ve held 6 group pulls of $200 to $1000 a group, I’m putting in $2,400!
  4. Everyone splits the wins (or losses) equally. It fascinates me the number of people who watch my group pulls and think that I actually take all the winnings for myself, haha.

​How do you choose the Games?

The games I choose are based off of denomination, bet amounts, as well as location in the casino. I have to ensure there will be enough space around a machine for a large group without causing an issue for other patrons or staff in the casino. I also try to make it so that each participant gets around 6-10 spins each. Some casinos will require that I choose the slot machines in advance so that they can inform security where we will be or even turn that machine off for us to play which is awesome. In those cases, I use my best judgement in choosing the machine for the group.

Legally speaking, there are some things I do to ensure no one leaves the casino with all the money on a spin they did. I will only use my players card in the machine. Sure, I get the points from it which results in me getting maybe $10-$20 in freeplay – but I do that to safeguard the money. (And believe me, I don’t run these huge events to make an extra $20, and I play enough on my own to already be in the top tiers). 

More importantly, some states say whosever card is in the machine is responsible for the money and the taxes. Imagine if you’re in a group of 20 people you’ve never met and one person spins the wheel and hits $10,000. They could easily demand that it’s their money and leave with it. Some casinos are really awesome and provide me with a specific players card for the group which will equally allow us to all share in the players points. I wish they all were able to accommodate this.

The other safeguards I use is making everyone sign a waiver agreeing to our terms (where they also agree to having their image in my videos online).

I live far away. Can I send you money to be in included in the group pull?

Group Slot Pull Poll

It sounds like an awesome idea to include a ton of people, however sadly it is against the law to gamble with other peoples money and then split the money. The person legally must be in the casino.

Who Pays the Taxes?

I agree to cover a certain amount of wins in taxes. What that means, for my group pulls, is that if the amount won exceeds what I am willing to cover in taxes, as a group, we would split the taxes on anything won over that amount. In general, we do not go over this number, but in effect it’s protection in case we unexpectedly win a jackpot far above and beyond the norm, such as one of those massive million dollar progressives.

In some States, whoever does the SPINNING is responsible for paying the taxes. In those instances, I will generally do the spinning on their behalf to avoid any question on who is covering the taxes. Even when participants aren’t spinning themselves, I’ll still call them up, have them introduce themselves, and do the spins in their name. 

Bottom line, everything I do is to safeguard each other and myself. These events are put on for the enjoyment of others to not only get a chance to gamble with myself, #priceless haha, but more importantly give people the opportunity to play high limit slots when they otherwise may not have had that chance. And also give them their 5 seconds of fame!

Do you tip on the hand pays?

Just like in my own play, we always tip the slot attendants. Rather than pay them after every single hand pay, I pay them at the end. So if a group of 20 people is left with $5086.46, rather than pay them each back $254.32, each person would get $250 and the remaining $4.32 (or $86.40) would go to the staff as a thank you.

So do you WIN or LOSE overall in your Group Pulls?

When you consider that high limit slot machines have an average payout percentage of around 92% or so, you should really expect the same from a group pull. I’d say that most of the group pulls end up in a loss of around $20 a person, with a quarter of group pulls coming away winners of around $25 a person. On occasion we’ve had the group each walk away with over $100 in profit, at least once over $500 each in profit, and on the rare occasion, we’ve had horrible a payback where we lost most of our money.

To me (and most participants), it’s about the journey, the experience and the excitement! We play for 30 minutes to an hour spinning strictly high limit slots. We cheer, we jeer, we drink and we scream!! That in itself is an awesome value for your money. And if you walk away with some profit or a small loss – it’s all worth it in the end. If you read the comments on these videos from the participants, they always say they look forward to the next one! The camaraderie is infectious. Why go to the batting cages when you can play with a team! Heck, I will lose $200 in 1 minute on my own, I’m only so happy to lose $20 in 45 minutes!

To find out about upcoming Group Pulls or Events, it’s best to visit the Events page. To be the first person to find out about them, be sure to SIGN UP for our newsletter!

Line it up,

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2 Replies to “​How Do Group Slot Pulls Work?”

  • Carole says:

    What great questions and answers. Thank you for sharing.. Slots don’t like me LOL. I am praying once in my life time and not much left of that I would be able to hit a even small jackpot.. Maybe one day.. I again saw 2 people win on cruise and on low bets.. ‘first night lady hit for 14 grand and next night someone for 1400. Happy for them

    • FlipTheSwitch.com says:

      Thanks Carole! The way games are designed today it’s certainly possible to have it happen, so we wish you #rudieluck!

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