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Ohhh Casino Myths and Superstitions, we all have them. And even though I know many of them are fake, I still catch myself believing them! It’s incredible what our brains convince us is true! Let’s take a moment to address many of them…

Slot Machines KNOW you are playing free play, and pay less

FICTION. A slot machine doesn’t care where the money comes from, it will still aim to take the same payout percentage, whether it is freeplay, cash or ticket!

Subscribing to Brian Christopher Slots will help your marriage

FACT. Spreading love and joy, and watching someone ELSE lose, is always good for your relationships,  heart, and bank account!

You are more likely to win if the casino is busy

FICTION. The slot machines don’t care about people in general. They only care about abiding by their function: Taking your money! Regardless of day, time, holiday, busy or empty, it takes the same amount of payout percentage. And no, they don’t change the payout percentages for special events or dates either. 

Machines will not pay out after a big win

FICTION. Slot Machines work on random number generators, so it’s ALWAYS difficult to get a jackpot, regardless of the last time one was hit. So obviously getting back to back jackpots is going to be a lot harder, but not impossible. 

People who max bet win more jackpots

FACT. BUT, you don’t need to bet max to win a jackpot! Betting more generally means you will win more, but it also means you will lose more too!

After investing hundreds into a losing machine, it is due to payback

FICTION. Unfortunately, the brain of a slot machine is similar to that of a gold fish. After you spin, it has already forgotten what the last spin was! Its only task is to match the outcome on the screen to that of the RNG (random number generator) that YOU selected (by pressing SPIN at that exact micro second). So whether you are up $1000 or down $1000 is irrelevant, as each spin is unique. This also means that there is no such thing as a hot or cold machine. Sure it may act like that at any given time, but you can only blame yourself for poor timing!

Older machines pay back more

FACT. Older machines had better payback percentages and this has been confirmed to me by at least one manufacturer. The older the better! But not a guarantee of a win!

Button Slapping helps on Lightning Link’s hold and spin bonuses

FICTION. For the love of humanity (and my sanity!), stop slapping the darn buttons! And while you’re at it, you can stop pounding the screen too. It does nothing but make you look like a lunatic witch doctor! (‘Windexing’ is perfectly normal and sane though, haha!)

The volume or brightness levels of a slot machine have nothing to do with the outcome

FACT. Having sound or volume turned all the way up or down has zero affect on a slot machine. 

Downtown Vegas Casinos pay out better than Strip Casinos

FACT. Statistically proven, it’s true! Is it enough for you to really notice? Probably not, but it’s a good 1% better or so on average. 

Free Spin or Wheel Bonuses are Pre-determined

FICTION. Most slot machine ‘free spin’ bonuses are still working off of a RNG. So when you get a choice of 5 options for number of spins, each with different multipliers (Dancing Drums for example), you are not going to win X$$ regardless of what you pick. It’s all about timing! This also means that if you stop the reels during a bonus, you are in part affecting the outcome of the bonus. When it comes to wheel bonuses (like wheel of fortune), the outcome of where it lands is not determined until you press the START button! Picking bonuses can vary. Generally speaking (there are exceptions), if it shows you the spots you did NOT pick afterward, then it was not predetermined. If it doesn’t show you, it was pre-determined. 

You will win LESS using your players card

FICTION. I hear people say things like “Whenever I take my card out I win!” I also hear people tell me “I ALWAYS win on this machine.” In both cases, they are wrong  and are only lying to themselves. Sure, you may have won after your card came out, but you also would have won had you left your card in. The machine doesn’t care if you’re getting points for a free toaster oven or not. It only cares about the RNG. Same goes for taking your card out during a bonus, zero impact. 

Aisle / end of row slot machines pay more often

FACT. It’s true, they DO pay more often, but that’s only because they are played more often. No one wants the middle seat on an airplane any more than in a casino. They do in the end, have the same payout percentages

Stopping the reels can help you land a bonus or line hit

FICTION. Have I brought up RNG yet? The moment you press spin, the outcome has already been decided. Stopping the reels only speeds up the inevitable. Slot Manufacturers would never leave the outcome of every spin up to the player. 

The more lines on a game, the more chances you have of winning

FACT. However, they are not equal. Take Dragon Link, with a $5 bet for example. Matching three 9s on $1 denomination will pay you $5. But on 50 line 1cent denomination, three 9’s will only pay you 50 cents on a $5 bet. So you’ll hit more often with more lines, but less money. The higher the denomination and less lines actually means your payout percentage is higher! So don’t get caught up on lines or win frequency – focus on overall wins. 

Playing two slot machines at a time doubles your chances of winning

FICTION. Let’s say you have a one in a million chance of hitting a jackpot on a machine. Playing a second machine does not make that 2 in a million chance now. Instead you have a 1 in a million chance, and a 1 in a million chance. So stick to one machine and lose less money in the long run!

Brian Christopher ALWAYS Wins

FACT. I am a winner in love and in life. At the slot machines however, I’m a big fat loser (just like you!) haha.

Did I miss anything?? Have any other topics you’d like me to consider writing about? Let me know below!

Line it up,

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